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Duane Maktima

Duane Maktima (maak-tay-ma)


Duane is of Laguna and Hopi Pueblo descent.  The history of the name Maktima  began with Duane’s Hopi grandfather, which was given to him by the Eagle clan of Hotevilla.  The name Maktima means “hunting or searching for eagles”.  His grandfather was faced with being forced to enter the federal school system.  Many Hopi children at this time lost their original Hopi names and were given English names but his grandfather was able to keep his name.  Duane’s Laguna Pueblo heritage stems from his mother of direct Laguna descent.  Her clanship, Parrot, was passed down to Duane, as Pueblo culture maintains a matrilineal heritage.  Duane reflects : “Our culture professes that we have all we need, as provided by our mother and father, earth, sun and all the elements to sustain ourselves. So we should not take for granted these gifts.”  That is the creed of Maktima design.  Duane, although nurtured in all aspects of pueblo art consisting of painting, carving, designing and crafts, his chosen profession and passion is jewelry.


Thirty years of devout enthusiasm for his craft has brought him into the realm of being an award winning designer.  His passion began in 1979 as a student at Northern Arizona University and majored in the Fine Arts Program. Duane is the recipient of the Jubilee Award and the Millennium Award from that University.

He has received over 1,200 awards and accolades throughout his career.


Jewelry, or metalsmithing as he refers to the scope of his creative ability, has become a concept of his cultural heritage where color, motifs and forms fuel his creative passion.  The end results are handmade pieces of wearable art.  Challenges are what make Duane’s art successful.  Although a great craftsman through his years of experiences, the present challenges in creating what he believes and envisions have become his teacher.  The legend of Maktima continues through these innovative and reflective pieces.